The Need for Trauma - Informed Care

Not everyone is called to foster or adopt but those that do could use your support. Kids with a trauma history have unique needs and responses which require a different approach from caregivers. Many of the standard parenting techniques can trigger children and teens causing them to act out or push away.

This 90-minute course will empower extended family members, friends, and respite caregivers to be unsung heroes in these children's lives and provide tools that increase felt safety and healing. Whether you offer childcare for individual families or host a respite event, the practical tools and trauma-informed insights will go a long way to helping feel safe and succeed. Are you ready to be a beacon of hope for foster and adopted kids?

Course Instructors

Tiffany Loeffler, DPT

Tiffany has been an advocate for vulnerable children since 2010 and has extensive training in trauma-informed care. Over the past decade she has worked closely with local agencies and nonprofits, been involved in launching and leading several church-based foster care & adoption ministries, and is the Founder/Director of The Alliance. Tiffany and her husband Matt live in Northern California with their 2 children who were adopted from Haiti in 2017. In addition to nonprofit work, Tiffany has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and still treats patients on a limited basis. She loves animals, mystery novels, and being outdoors.

Heidi White

Heidi's passion for foster care and adoption began when she was 15 years old after watching a situation unfold in her neighborhood. She went on to receive a degree in Sociology and began her career working at a local foster family agency. She first served as an adoptions clerk and then as a group home staff. Currently Heidi is a certified TBRI Practitioner, a CASA, and the Educator/Church Relations Director at The Alliance. Her role at The Alliance allows her to equip families and churches to bring hope and healing to the kids in their care. Heidi enjoys coffee with friends, being out in nature, and reading a good book.

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